Best Free Android Apps of 2013

2013 started with lots of new free android apps available through market download or direct download. If you are an android users and constantly on the move and working something out of your favorite Smartphone, then there is definitely one or more apps that you need regularly or once in a while. Why not give these free androids apps of 2013 a try!

free android apps 2013Amongst number of apps released in 2013, free games apps, audio or visual enhancement apps – some of them are for busy users and specifically designed to meet the needs of those. We always recommend users to go through review section of the apps before downloading any of them, so that you get beforehand knowledge on if the app is a worth downloading or it just consumes your Smartphone space.

We have selected these 4 apps from the free apps of 2013. Take a look at them. You might have already downloaded one of those and if you haven’t yet then go and grab them.

1. Winamp Free Android App

It goes without saying that Winamp free version is a best android app for music management solution. Winamp android app periodically updates and some added features also comes in. You can play, sync and manage your favorite music from PC to the Smartphone. Among other added features, it also supports wireless sync.

2. 7×7 Android Puzzle Game

For those who enjoy puzzle game, 7×7 android puzzle game have a good users feedback and it’s freely available from the Google App Store. So, if you want to spend spare time doing some puzzle solving things, you must try this free android app. You won’t master it in one day – as colorful blocks that kept coming will make it hard for your puzzle to complete it easily. And more additional features such as undo the wrong moves will surely help you enjoy it and keep you engaged.

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3. Evernote Android App

Evernote is of the best apps that could possibly work for anyone who want to keep all things in at one place and get them sync and access through PC. Evernote serves a great purpose as a Dropbox for your android device. Take all you files, notes sync through it and get them available at your desktop.

4. FxGuru: Movie FX Director

Another great app in addition to the list of free android apps of 2013 is FxGuru Movie Director. This app is also free. Wondering what this app can do it for you. Whether you like Sci-Fi, action movies or not, you might have enjoyed some visual effects and graphics of such films. What if you can add such effects to your own homemade videos? The free version yet doesn’t give you much of the advanced features but you can opt out to buy the full version if it charms you. Imagine the Hollywood special effects, blast, weapons; graphics can be mixed to your videos.

You can download these free android apps of 2013 from Google Android Market.

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